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Dr.Veera Saravana Perumal was Graduated from JKK Natarajah Dental College in the year 1994. He was the College topper in Oral Medicine in the year 1994. He is a Member of IDA from the year 1997. And also he is the Founder Secretary of IDA – Vaigai Branch in the year 2000. He Worked at NHS England in the year 2004 and Practicing at Perfect Smile form 1995 till date.

Perfect Smile is

  • IDA approved Dental Hospital
  • 24 hr Emergency Dental Care Center
  • Child Dental Care
  • Tobacco Intervention Initiative
  • Oral Cancer Foundation (SPOT center)

Specialize In

  • Implants
  • Face remodeling
  • Smile rejuvenation / Enhancement
  • BPS dentures / Full mouth rehabilitation
  • Teeth whitening / Bleaching / Tooth jewellery
  • Habits correction
  • Orthodontic / Surgical management of Facial Profile
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